We Are Women in Sports

A collection of beautiful and diverse NFT images celebrating women in sports.

We believe in a woman’s right to self-determination and the right to influence social change. We want to be a business that is part of the solution by giving back to organizations that support advocacy, policy changes and inclusion for all.

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The WIS Collection

This genesis collection covers 8 sports disciplines. 2500 images allocated to each sport for a total collection size of 20,000!

Hidden in the collection will be 8 Special Edition "We are Champions" images, along with 8 All-Star images. Find yourself with one of these on reveal day and instantly win an ETH airdrop reward*.

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What's your sport?

Don't see your favorite below? We are taking suggestions on what sports Series II should cover.


Programmatically Created

Over 375 hand-illustrated attributes were created and perfected over months of development.

While images will share certain standard traits, they also have independent traits based on each individual sport, making this collection totally unique.


One focus is to help bring awareness to gender disparities in athletics, not just in participation and opportunity but also to gender pay inequities. Another goal is to support organizations that go beyond awareness and are advocating for systemic change.

In a study funded by the Canadian government, it was found that, 1 in 4 girls may not return to sport following the pandemic. (www.womenandsports.ca). The toll that the pandemic has had on girls committing to sport has been significant and if changes aren’t made, we could see 350,000 girls sidelined in a post-pandemic world in Canada alone.

WIS will be donating Twenty percent of our sales to organizations with similar missions. As leaders in the space, our first donation will be to the Women’s Sport Foundation. This is a non-profit organization, led by former tennis star, Billie Jean King. This organization provides funding for research, advocacy and programming so that all women, girls and gender diverse athletes, can participate in sport.

Other areas of focus for donations will be to local, provincial, and national organizations that support BIPOC women and girls, those with disabilities and 2SLGBTQIA+ athletes. We believe in active participation in sport throughout the lifespan and are interested in organizations that promote girls staying involved in sports and physical activity.

We would love to hear your thoughts on where you feel these funds would have the most impact, connect with us on Twitter or drop us an email


Why do we support this cause?

We want to support causes that advance the status of girls, women and gender diverse athletes as the system in place is discriminatory and oppressive. We believe these athletes should have the same access to sporting opportunities that their male counter points do.

We also want to support causes that increase access to sport because we believe that through participation in sports, girls can develop important life skills like teamwork and leadership while building self-confidence.


When we met more than 15 years ago, we shared our love for fitness and have participated in many triathlons over the years. Physical activity is a shared passion, and we are each other’s biggest cheering section.

Melissa, who has her Master of social work, has dedicated her career of 20+ years helping others, with a specialization in mental health, accessibility and advocacy. She will be the force behind directing funds to organizations and programs that fit our mission. Melissa has been fortunate enough to be involved in sports since she was a young child and continues to enjoy fitness into her late 40’s; bootcamps, spin, HIIT and strength work outs are favourites.

Victor is an art director for a software company and has been making things pretty for over 20+ years. He's in charge of all things creative. Victor also competes in triathlons and has finished multiple Ironman events. He credits his wife for getting him into the sport. When not training, he enjoys a round of golf and photography.

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Melissa - Project Manager
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Victor - Creative

We are looking for people to join our team - Apply Here!

Want to collab with us? Reach out to us!


Donations will take place throughout the minting process & beyond as opportunities and partnerships are created.

As leaders in the space, our first donation will be to the Women’s Sport Foundation. This is a non-profit organization, led by former tennis star, Billie Jean King. This organization provides funding for research, advocacy and programming so that all women, girls and gender diverse athletes, can participate in sport.


Collection Launch. 

Allowlist - March 26th
Presale - March 28th
Public Sale - March 30th


Build social media & establish partnerships

5 ETH Giveaway. 5 lucky holders will recieve 1 ETH each.

20% Donation to the Women's Sport Foundation


10 ETH Giveaway. 10 lucky holders will recieve 1 ETH each.


15 ETH Giveaway. 15 lucky holders will recieve 1 ETH each.

WIS Swag Store


20 ETH Giveaway. 20 lucky holders will recieve 1 ETH each.

IRL Party to Celebrate Sold Out collection

Start working of V2 - 8 All new sports displines.

Develop training grounds in the metaverse.

Benefits of WIS ownership include:

Full ownership of the underlying artwork and IP.

Holders-only giveaways

Early access to Series II & any other future drops!

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When did the collection launch?

The collection launched on March 26th 2022, on the Ethereum Network. Allowlist was offered at .04ETH, presale at .05ETH, and public sale at .06 ETH. Secondary sales will have a 6% royalty. (2% to donations & supporting other projects). WIS will keep 250 images for future promotions & giveaways.

How do i get one?

You will be able to mint directly on the website or purchase on the secondary market on OpenSea

Artwork and IP ownership

WIS owners have commercial usage rights and IP ownership of purchased tokens. Derivative works created while owning one can continue to be sold even if you no longer own the original asset. To avoid branding confusion, ownership doesn't grant you rights to use the WIS logo or Women in Sports name.

Holder only benefits

WIS owners will have a chance to win ETH airdrops along with various swag giveaways, such as signed prints, t-shirts, hats, stickers and other items.

What about Discord?

We originally hesitated in created a discord server, but we figured we may as well jump in and do the best we can with the resources we have. Join Discord

* Special Edition & All-Star

Each of the 8 sport disciplines will have one Special Edition, plus one All-Star image. Holding these on collection reveal will earn you some serious ETH rewards! Special Editions will have a 2ETH reward, while All-Star images will get you 1ETH. Awesome right! After the collection is revealed these rewards are no longer applicable.

When Reveal

As WIS is a larger than normal collection, we will reveal the art two weeks after minting opens.

What's the Contract Address?

Verified contract address is: 0xbf71a27a4cc8705c55bb389066561a057b061dbe